Thursday, April 2, 2009

deep breath

Now that I've done my yoga for the evening, I feel a little bit better.

We had layoffs at my company on Monday, and more layoffs at another branch were announced today. The air in my office gets really toxic and predictable when layoffs are announced. "I can't believe they laid him off! He's the best whatchamadoodler here! Our company is going down the drain! I bet we're next!"

I can't live peacefully with all of that negativity floating above my section of cubicles. I was relieved to watch the Dow jump over 8,000 today on its way up, even if it ended the day slightly lower than that. Although economists are conservative, I see that as a good sign that things are on the mend.

However, that won't help the unemployment rate, which will be the last to go as our economy heals. It means that I am not safe from layoffs, and that I have been living on the edge for most of my time at my current company.

These days, it is only safe to breathe peacefully when I'm alone in my car and during yoga.

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  1. A lot of yoga instructors talk about "living on the edge" in your yoga practice and in your life as a way of finding your (presumed) boundaries and then seeing what happens when you step over them. This may mean deepening a stretch farther than you've gone before or buying food for a homeless person instead of turning your eyes down and walking past.

    I understand that with the economy, your edge is "what if I'm laid off." Maybe you should take a few deep breaths, maybe in Child's Pose, and truly ask yourself, "what's the worst thing that could happen if I'm laid off?" The important thing is to answer this honestly.

    I hope you can find some calm in your storm.