Thursday, April 2, 2009

too hot, then too cold

I spent last weekend in Buffalo visiting my boyfriend. While there, he introduced me to Bikram, the style of yoga that he has been doing since February.

Hoo boy. I couldn't do most of the standing postures because I was sure I was going to pass out. We didn't have as much time to adjust to the heat as we should have, so that may have had something to do with it. I was just fine once we moved to the floor. We'll see if I attempt it again.

I came home to a hectic workday on Monday, but I haven't really done yoga since. Why? I didn't turn my heat back on. The apartment has been at 59 degrees, which is just bearable enough to watch TV in and sleep in, but I haven't gotten much else done. I had hoped that spring temperatures would reduce my need for my heating system, but I guess it's not warm enough yet.

I just turned on my central air, however, and I expect to be dropping down for more triangle poses shortly.

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  1. hehe- I can totally relate! so many people LOVE hot/Bikram yoga, but I really enjoy working up a sweat naturally during class.

    It took an actual class so that I felt I had "been there, done that and made my decision". Now I feel even more confident in what I need and want from my practice :)

    I'm glad that yoga has been giving you peace during these times. I find when I "make" myself attend class I do always feel better afterwards.