Monday, March 23, 2009

and drop down for a triangle pose

The little experiment that I mentioned in the previous post went well. I definitely feel a difference in my strength since I first started yoga. Although I am repeating many of those initial poses in my current practice, I found that the biggest difference was in how well I tolerated my first triangle post.

Technically, I know that the hand on (or near) your calf is not supposed to bear weight. However, my core muscles were not strong enough to hold me there, so in order to make it, I made it into a load-bearing arm. A bad habit, as The Everything Yoga Blog would say.

The Dow has been sneaking up these past two weeks. I check up with it every five minutes because my company has a widget on our internal homepage that lets us know how the economy is doing. Financial experts say that we shouldn't get excited because bonds are still in the toilet, but I view the uptick in the stock market as a very good sign.

However, I know that the job market will get worse. Our company is making some cuts to consolidate some of our offices. I know it's smart, but I hope that our office doesn't seen any more cuts. We've been through enough, thanks, but that no longer bothers me on a daily basis. I feel more at peace.

I wonder if we could institute a three-minute corpse pose at the end of the workday? You know, to boost morale.


  1. I also try triangle as a gage! I usually use blocks to help support myself. :) After some practice it's fun to be able to actually touch your toes!
    Maybe you're ready for a class?? :)

  2. It is less important to get your hand down to your ankle than it is to keep your chest open. In the Sivananda classes I take sometimes, we don't usually have our lower hand go down beyond our thigh in triangle.

    Also, as Eco Yogini said, using blocks is a great way to support yourself in the pose.