Tuesday, March 17, 2009

couples yoga?

My boyfriend and I both started yoga around the same time. We live in opposite parts of the country, but last time he was here, I talked him into doing a yoga DVD with me.

While I've been bending in front of my television, he has been doing Bikram at a studio in his area. Yes, the man who hates being too hot enjoys Bikram. I'm trying to talk him into taking me to a Bikram class when I visit him next weekend.

It does make me wonder how often couples do yoga together, and if it gets awkward when one person surpasses the skills of another.


  1. That is wonderful that you are able to share something so fun and new with your bf! My fiancé and I have been doing yoga together for about two years. The only way he would begin was if we practiced at our apartment. It took until recently that he felt comfortable attending a class.
    I am the most un-bendy person, and not very strong either (but then, that's not what yoga is about). So although I can do more than him, I have been practicing longer, and I practice more regularly. He isn't competitive like that and recognizes his non-gumby qualities.
    He also prefers a slightly different style of yoga than I do- I am fine with being pushed and sweating, he prefers a workout- just less intense.

    Sharing yoga with a loved one is fantastic; but then women and men's bodies have different areas of muscles strengths and needs, so you may both excel in different postures! :)

    Welcome to Yoga! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! I know that my boyfriend and I have different likes and dislikes/motivations for yoga, so that will just give us more to talk about. :)