Friday, March 13, 2009

working through it

I might have been a little too active on Wednesday. I spent six hours painting large-scale items. After dinner, I spent 50 minutes on the bike and then did yoga. On Thursday, I rolled out of bed to a world of pain in my legs.

I'm convinced that I didn't pull anything because my legs hurt uniformly. Getting in and out of chairs has been fun. Unfortunately, I then proceeded to spend most of Wednesday and Thursday eating things that aren't so good for me because I thought more sleep and food would help. To make up for that poor decision, I pulled out the intermediate Better Sex Through Yoga DVD and took a crack at it this evening.

Yoga goes by so quickly when you're unable to do 25 percent of the poses as long as the instructor. Technically, I can't touch my toes for prolonged periods of time yet, but I still got a good stretch. I might be stuck in intermediate world for a while, but I'm OK with that.

Next up: figuring out how to connect my computer to the TV so I can take advantage of the 20-minute sessions on Yoga Download.

I guess if I'm feeling too lazy, I won't even leave the couch:

Living Room Yoga - Getting the Most Out of Your Living Room from Jim Ford on Vimeo.

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