Sunday, March 8, 2009

reaching for the stars

While I was practicing yoga this evening, I was reminded of some of the reasons why I've been motivated to keep doing it. The biggest reason is that yoga helps me focus on one thing at a time, something that I don't get to do at work. The secondary reason is to stretch my body further than I ever have.

I thought about that second reason while lying on my stomach and moving into another pose. I want to stretch my body, but I've had a difficult time stretching my vision of the future when it comes to my career.

That's not to say I can't handle change. I am adaptable, and I have tried to find other outlets for my craft so I can try new things. Next week, I'm going to start volunteering at a local children's museum. I just sent an e-mail to the local massage school to find out more about their programs. To most, that might seem like enough, but I feel too rooted to the idea of what I'm doing for eight hours a day, five days a week, that I sometimes worry I'll be too tired to pick myself up to do it again if I'm laid off.

The optimistic part of me continues to say, "Don't worry. Just do your best." Now that my body feels better, I feel like I'm getting closer to clearing my mind and listening to that cheery inner voice that normally comes in loud and clear.

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